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Accelerator, separation hose (yellow)
Accelerator, separation hose (yellow)

Accelerator, separation hose (yellow)

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Gel and clot activator tube is used for blood serum biochemistry , immunology and drug testing , etc . There uniformlysprays the coagulant on the surface inside the tube , whichwill greatly shorten the clotting time . As the importedseparation gel is pure substance , very stable in physicochemical property , it can well stand high-temperatureso that the gel will maintain a stable status during thestorage and transportation process . the gel will getsolidified after centrifugation and completely separateserum from fibrin cells just like a barrier , which effectivelyprevents the substance exchange between blood serumand cells . serum collection rate is improved and high-qualityserum will be obtained . thus it comes to more authentictesting result

EDTA tube is widely used in clinical haematology , crossmatching , blood grouping as well as various kinds ofblood cell test instruments . It offers a comprehensiveprotection for blood cell , especially for protectingthe blood platelet , so that it can effectively stop thegathering of blood platelet and makes the form andvolume of blood cell influenced within a lona timeEDTA anticoagulant plasma is used for biologicalassay of pathogenic microorganism , parasite andbacterial molecule etc

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